Investment Proposal A5416032 EN.

Adcorporate is a result-oriented and highly successful organisation providing assistance in the buying and selling of companies. Operating since 2002, at both national and international level.

The acquisition of two private companies, the activities of which are con-ducted under one name.

Reason for sale
After almost 20 years of involvement in the development and growth of his company, the business owner is keen to take the next step back after already transferring operational activities to the management team three years ago.

Profile Company
The company specialises in all types of finishing and piecework. The company’s knowledge, expertise and reputation mean there are many repeat customers, large or otherwise. As a result, the company has been able to achieve significant growth in recent years. Contracts for future projects are signed on an annual basis with a number of large clients.

There are approximately 30-40 in-house employees (30 FTEs) working at the company, the majority of which are operational staff. Besides its own staff, the company uses a large flexible workforce.

For a number of years now, the operations manager has been in charge of day-to-day operations, with projects being managed together with project leaders and contractors. The Director devotes approximately 30 hours a week to creative projects and various internal matters.

The company and premises are located in the south of the country. However, projects are located throughout the Netherlands, with the main area of operation being North Brabant and the Randstad.


Year Turnover (x €1,000) EBITDA (x €1,000)
2017 7,700 1,050
2018 10,600 1,600
2019 12,100 1,400
2020 10,500 200
2021 12,000 900
P2022 13,000 1,000
Covid-19 has clearly had an impact on the company, with the figures for 2020 deviating nega-tively from the trend line. However, the outlook for the next few years, partly based on the order book, looks more than good.

The value of 100% of the shares of the two private companies on 1 January 2022 amounts to €5,750,000. This includes equity of almost €3,400,000. There are no further interest-bearing liabilities.

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